Love you (testing 1, 2..)

I still marvel at these two rings. Not because of the diamonds the prongs hold, but rather what they represent to me. A promise, a choice. I wanted to be married someday, I daydreamed about my wedding day as a little girl…who my husband would be, what life would look like when I was “all grown up”. What I have learned in my not-so-grownup-ness is that life doesn’t always resemble that of your daydreams. Sometimes what you fantasize about isn’t where you end up, and sometimes- it’s far better. Everyday I pause to look at these two rings that encircle my finger, I am reminded of this blessing I’ve been given. My (our) marriage is built on promises, daily choices to love, honor and respect one another for who we are individually, together, and as a family. Not to change each other but to grow together and be better together. Life is far from perfect. It has been hard at times, we’ve had, have, and will continue to face struggles. But, we have managed to keep our marriage together through it all. I know that is not as easy as a sappy social media post and I see relationships in different circumstances all around me. I do not claim to be a subject matter expert. Maybe we just got “lucky”, and I do appreciate the luck or blessing that we’ve been given. But..I will say- for those of you who aren’t married today: wait and watch. My daydreams included many different “husbands” over the years. I ignored red flags and stayed in unhealthy situations far longer than I should have, I made excuses, I prayed for change, to be wanted as much as I wanted, and loved as much as I loved. So much of myself was lost in the process of looking for my worth in the attention and affection of others. Your future spouse shouldn’t look for their worth in you and you shouldn’t in them. Your worth is defined by the fact that you were purposely & uniquely created, you are loved without limits today and always by the hands that formed you. Does that mean you shouldn’t crave that special relationship, a husband or wife? Heck no! I pray each of you find that special someone who makes each day brighter -makes you feel supported and appreciated just as you are, but also encourages you to grow into an even more fabulous you! It starts by choices today. Choose to love you- the beautiful mess of you. Know and believe your worth and promise not to settle for less.  
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